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“The convoy was part of healing for me, there was hope”

By January 26, 2023January 30th, 2023No Comments

At the Nov 24 public hearing, a Gatineau resident who supported the convoy shared her experience. 

“I have never witnessed as much solidarity, care, hope, respect, bienveillance, and peaceful festivities. The cleanliness, the abundance of food, the peaceful discussions, and the warmth – although we were in the cold winter months – was impressive to say the least. The police officers I came across were very relaxed and respectful as they were walking in the streets. 

The trauma was the months before where my job was lost, where I had to make decisions that were very difficult that implicated myself and my family. The convoy as a result was part of healing for me, there was hope. I understand or believe that the three-week inconvenience and I guess occasional reports of residents being treated as they were is a response to not being heard in the months prior”.

You can view the full testimony here.