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“There was this air of hope surrounding us”

By January 26, 2023January 30th, 2023No Comments

At the Nov 24 public hearing, a lifetime Ottawa resident who supported the convoy shared her experience. 

“After two years of miserable and unnecessary restrictions and mandates, a group of truckers rallied to have their voices heard, we were told by our prime minister and echoed by mainstream media that these people were ill-informed anti-science ignorant bigots who did not deserve our tolerance. It’s hard to put into words my experience of participating in the Freedom Convoy in downtown Ottawa. There was this air of hope surrounding us. Finally, people who just wanted freedom of choice were assembling together and felt free for the first time in two years. People from all walks of life congregated with big smiles across their faces. Strangers were literally hugging and crying and expressing such relief that finally we might be respected and heard. Everyone was so appreciative of the truckers for their efforts and commitment in the name of freedom. I personally drove down multiple times with friends, family, and multiple times alone. I’ve never felt safer walking the streets of downtown Ottawa.” 

You can view the full testimony here.