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“Not a demonstration, let alone a peaceful one” 

By September 26, 2022January 17th, 2023No Comments
(OPC photo)

The OPC’s first witness at its inaugural Sept. 21 hearing was a Centretown woman who described herself as a 72-year-old retired professional living in a $2,000-a-month downtown rental apartment. Excerpts from her presentation follow.

“My personal experience with the convoy was an inability to sleep for more than a week. There were tailgate parties in a private parking lot across from my apartment. There were also beer tents set up in another private parking lot behind my apartment. There was an unbelievable increase in the dog feces on Bank Street as I walked by dog, it was only later that I learned that this was an actual fact human feces. Adults urinating all over the place on private property. The intimidation for wearing a mask while outdoors was non-stop. There was an increase in costs related to having to order groceries online, having to order any merchandise needed online. This was mostly due to the ongoing threat of violence when you left your home and were walking the streets in the red zone.

This had a huge impact on my daily life but I have to say what had the greatest impact was – and it was very hurtful –  was the repeated mantra from the press and from politicians who supported this that this was largely a peaceful demonstration. Shutting down the streets, terrorizing citizens in their own homes, leaving businesses with no choice but to close their doors — some of which will never recover their business — and making a mockery of our judicial system while demanding our prime minister and his government be handed over to them is not a demonstration, let alone a peaceful one”.

You can view the full testimony below.