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“I feel that the truckers came to set me free”

By January 17, 2023January 30th, 2023No Comments

At the Sept 21 public hearing, Christine, a downtown resident who supported the convoy shared her experience.

“The counter protesters – I believe – called us these terrible names because the TV told them to and instead of a dialogue with us or listening, they just wrongly assumed our intentions and labelled us as bad people. For two years, I lived as an outcast in my community, locked in my home suffering and I feel that the truckers came to set me free. I received free hugs, hot dogs, and hot chocolate. I saw supporters, teachers, farmers, doctors, and nurses hand in hand cleaning up the streets, feeding the homeless and giving out free haircuts. I witnessed one lane for emergency vehicles being kept open at all times and I was given free earplugs. Never once did I feel unsafe due to the Freedom Convoy, in fact I felt a sense of pride and hope in my country that I haven’t felt for a long time. Also I might add in my opinion, crime in the downtown core had never been so low. I also saw protesters joining hand in hand with police singing O Canada and dancing. When Ottawa’s former Police Chief Peter Sloly was quoted on CBC on February 2nd as stating there have been no deaths, no riots, and no injuries because of the protesters and that the protesters remained largely peaceful, this notable lack of violent incidents and arrests for a demonstration of this magnitude speaks volumes”.

You can view the full testimony here.