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“Anything but a love fest”

By January 17, 2023January 30th, 2023No Comments

At the Sept 21 public hearing, Stephanie, a downtown resident shared her experience of the convoy. Excerpts from her presentation follow.

“This convoy occupation was deliberately orchestrated to overthrow our country’s democracy, it is led by a small group of destructive anarchists and is nothing short of the most severe and appalling treasonous behaviour ever experienced. Here I use the present tense on purpose because while we don’t want them back, we fear they will be. The very life of our democratically elected Prime Minister was threatened. Once the Emergencies Act was in place, they still challenged our police forces. This non-democratically elected self-appointed group of convoy leaders, who took it upon themselves to suggest they would assume power of our federal government by uniting with select elected MPPs. A terrorist is a person who uses violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims, these convoy participants and their supporters should be treated exactly as such.

The convoy occupation was anything but a love fest, our local businesses had to close and residents feared venturing out as they normally would and going about their regular daily activities. We were all impacted by their presence in one way or another, everyone has been struggling in their own way after COVID came”.

You can view the full testimony below.