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“The streets of Ottawa were a danger for me”

By January 26, 2023January 30th, 2023No Comments

At the Oct 12 public hearing, a resident of the red zone who uses supplemental oxygen shared her experience of the convoy.

“If I walk too close to a fuel tank, my oxygen could become an accelerant, possibly leading to an explosion. There was danger from matches, barbecues, stoves, space heaters, candles, etc, to say nothing of smoking, there’s danger from pumps, engines from tires and pressures. I could be killed through these explosions. Clearly, the streets of Ottawa were a danger for me during the occupation so I was imprisoned for the duration, at home. And home was not safe. 

Exhaust and diesel fumes belched up into my apartment, my home became dangerous for my breathing along with a nauseating smell of burning rubber along with the incessant blaring of air horns. Everything has affected all aspects of living: sleeping, eating, reading, working, hearing, thinking, conversation… only fear thrived.”

You can view the full testimony here.