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“People using the national flag, talking about freedom, and having their lives back”

By January 26, 2023January 30th, 2023No Comments

At the Dec 6 public hearing, Laïs Maurillo, a Brazilian journalist, shared parallels between 2015 protests in Brazil and the convoy occupation. 

“In 2015, in Brazil we started to see some protests on the streets with people using the national colors, the national flag, and talking about freedom and having their lives back because their lives were ruined by a leftist government. What I think really connects to the convoy was first this nationalist character with the symbols and the national anthem and the colors and all that. 

Second, the complicity of the police that otherwise is really, really, violent. I was always present in many protests before this and after this in Brazil. We were always received with gas, with rubber bullets and all this kind of stuff and this never happened. We had police officers taking selfies with the protesters and overtly supporting their claims that we are losing our freedoms due to a leftist government.”

You can view the full testimony here.