Steering Committee

The job of the Steering Committee is to oversee OPC, confirming direction, objectives and timelines – and assuring accountability to the community.

Members of the Steering Committee include:

  • Lew Auerbach
  • Randy Boswell
  • Albert Dumont
  • Robert Fox
  • Patricia Harewood
  • Caitlin Kealey
  • Brenda Knight
  • Zexi Li
  • Tim McSorley
  • Sheila Perry
  • Alex Silas
  • Arlene Wortsman
  • Michelle Hurtubise, ex officio

Inner-City Stakeholders Group

With members from community associations, local business, community health and resource centres, faith communities, unions, and organizations representing diverse communities – especially those confronting hate, discrimination and marginalization – this group provides advice and support to the Steering Committee.

Indigenous Circle

OPC takes place on the unceded and unsurrendered territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg. A Circle of Indigenous elders has come together to offer their counsel and support to OPC, helping ensure the Commission operates in a good way, respectful those whose lands we occupy and inclusive of First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples.

Centretown Community Health Centre

CCHC serves as OPC’s partner and anchor agency, providing management, administrative, fundraising and financial support.


 OPC will work to be open, transparent and accountable to the community.

  • Minutes of the meetings of the Steering Committee will be publicly available upon request.
  • OPC’s budget and balance sheet will be available upon request.


How Can You Help?

OPC cannot operate without funds and volunteers. Your contribution, however small, can make a big difference, ensuring the community’s voice is heard.


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