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“It was not okay”

By January 26, 2023January 30th, 2023No Comments

At the Sept 22 public hearing, a downtown resident shared his experience of the convoy. 

“It was not okay that I was personally confined to my building. They blocked the entire street including the loading bay so I could not leave with my vehicle because they had blocked it. That was not okay. They kept us awake and bragged about it, Pat King bragged about in a famously viral video. That was not okay. I was personally threatened, that was not okay. The building was threatened and security was called in and they locked us in the building to prevent the building from being stormed. 

Fireworks were set off at the level of my balcony between high-rise buildings, that was not okay. There are three people with disabilities in my building, one blind person, two people with wheelchairs. Para Transpo was suspended for the entirety of the 22 days that they occupied. 

The blind person has to navigate this world using hearing. I have the privilege that I went out and bought the most expensive set of noise canceling headphones that I could find, he didn’t have that privilege, that was not okay. 

On more than one occasion, I ran low on food because the grocery stores were closed because they were swarmed by convoyers and I could get no food delivery to the building, that was not okay. Ultimately, I had to flee town. In order to get out of my building in my vehicle, I had to drive on the sidewalk for a block because they wouldn’t let us out and they were blocking the road. That was not okay.”

You can view the full testimony here.